Cruise on Celebrity Millennium in the Caribbean, April 2010 

 Includes 2010 bar prices/menu's/smoking places etc  [Updated 16/02/11]

Captain Zisis Taramas - Hotel Director  Nina Hautaniemi* - Captains' Club Hostess Donna Trembath


Cruise Director Rich Clesen - Executive Chef Michael Fernandes


* First female Hotel Director with Celebrity

Millennium and Solstice together in St.Kitts

When we boarded the aircraft at Edinburgh to find we were already in a cashless society as you expect to find on a ship, but Continental don’t accept cash only credit or debit cards. 

The Caribe Hilton in San Juan, Puerto Rico was a lovely hotel and the pick-ups from the hotel were made using the small mini-buses rather han the larger coaches, which we thought was more comfortable for such  a short journey to the ship.


The check-in was smooth and within 10 minutes we were on board Millennium, the first impression was the  improvements carried out last May to carpet and furnishings  etc really had made a difference.

We were in stateroom 8112 on the starboard side, we love the external glass lifts and were really only a short distance away from them. The new TV channels are up and running with BBC World News; Sky News & Sky Sports News

The light switch and the volume control to tone up/down any announcemts made in the stateroom

235 volt                                                               110 volt sockets on the dresser

The mirror unit in the stateroom is fitted  with two 220v and 115v sockets which are easily accessible and for a long time we heard all the annoucements in the stateroom, so found out what this control did and it was located beside your bed.


Like the muster drill on both Solstice and Equinox you go to your muster station without your life jacket and in our case it was the casino.


We had selected the starboard side as normally we go for the port side and usually find in most ports we are berthed on the other side, well this time we mainly boarded on the port side, convinced it is a secret plot for us never to have the landward view !!


We were concierge and opted to have our breakfast in the room and it was one of the most prompt services we have had, except when in a Sky suite with a butler. Our room was looked after by Santano and Rey, who we had a great laugh with on several occasions.


Unfortunately my wife slipped in the toilet on the third night and badly bruised her lower back. The cause was the bath mat they are not non slip and from then and any future cruises if still the same type of mat we will hang them up out of the way until needed. As a result we had to attend the medical centre but they dealt with the problem very speedily.


The food in the main diningroom was as always excellent and Venegas and Kyana looking after us as our time spent in the diningroom is in our case as short as possible, which makes us a bit more of a handful for our poor waiter. There was a mix of the first/second/open seating options but where we were on deck five table 19 there were no obvious problems, although on some occasions waiters did seem harassed, which we put down to having the three options. Our table certainly meant on the final night and the baked Alaska parade we had a grand stand seat with all the waiters passing us.

On the two formal nights few wore DJ’s [25%]the bulk wore a dark suit [50%] or a sports jacket or less [25%]for gents, but as always the ladies were all extremely.

 Special Brunch Day plus short video              A typical main diningroom menu

Final formal night main courses

Olympic Restaurant

Menu $89

Menu $30/35

Somtimes offered as a prize in the casino or during a bingo session

The main theatre entertainment was good but we have seen better,  however throughout the ship there were various artists including Magnitude a Caribbean band; Kate Guglielmo  an excellent pianist; Don Adamson on vocal and guitar; Carl Williams Quartet who to were also excellent and not forgetting the Duo Vito.


The Captains’ celebration was one of the best we have seen the entertainment was excellent as was the various food stations, our only complaint was they are supposed to last 2 hours and by 1hr 20 all was quite except at our table. At our table we were with Jim and Colleen and we were joined either by a great look alike of Cleo Lane and partner, well which ever we had a great time and did meet up with them on several other occasions during the cruise.

The Cosmos nightclub was our main watering hole and we looked on Wanwan as the face of it, [pictured with Christine] as every time you were there, there he was on the quiet as well as the busy nights. He said he hoped to be able to move to his favourite ship and ours, namely Century, so we hope he achieves his transfer. There were a really good number of events held in the including Mr & Mrs and one we have never come across before called  Dancing with Stripes.

The event featured the officers and staff members dancing with a guest whilst a panel consisting of Captain Taramass; Cruise director Rich Classen deciding on who were the winners.

The Chocolate evening:

The issue of the cost of drinks again for us not an issue as we are well aware when the drinks are poured unlike at home they don’t use optics, so the measurse you do get is a really good one see below - Prices held since April 2009:

Now for somwe view around the ship:

Strawberry for me Vanilla for my sister                    I see no Icebergs !!

Aqua Spa                                                                Casino

Lighting unit above the bar in the Cosmos         Main Diningroom

Shopping area                                                        Cova cafe

Martini/Champagne bar                                         Main theatre during a talk

the pool areas

IT information:


Wireless Hotspot Locations - Gamma Room Deck 3; Rendez-Vous Lounge, Grand Lounge Deck 4; Cova Cafe, card Room Deck 5 & Library Decks 8/9


Packages Occasional $29.95 for 49 mins; Standard $49.95 for 90 mins; Social $79.95 for 150 mins and Power $99.95 for 237 mins no service charge added


IT digITAL Computer Enrichment Series included 12 Life Enriching websites; Beginners Guide to Blogging; Adobe Photoshop I & II; Blackberry vs iPhone; How to use Microsoft Word; Connecting with Facebook; Organising your Digital Photo's and files but these classes could vary with each cruise but several others were available but not list here


Smoking areas - Port side of the Cosmos Nightclub Deck 11 forward; Mast Bar, Deck 11 Midships: Port side of Pool Deck ands Sundecks and for Cigar and pipe smokers - Port side of Pool Deck Cafe and Sundecks. The 'electronic cigarette' is not exempt from these restrictions.


An unusual scene not seen before, but as the Sliver Shadow departed it's berthing point it pulled the Costa ship into where it had been berthed  image


The ships ports of call included St Coix; St Kitts; Dominica; St Lucia; Barbados home of applemac; Greneda; Aruba and finally Curacao before arriving back at the home port for this cruise of San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Overall we had great cruise and certainly Millennium along with Century remain our two best ships in the Celebrity fleet.


The departure for us was smooth and when we arrived at the airport our luggage arrived about 10 minutes later.