Cruise on Celebrity Century Amsterdam to Barcelona

September 2009 [Revised 05/02/2011]

Century berthed in Lisbon

We have sailed on Century on three previous occasions but this one was definitely the best of the four. The officers, staff and guests were all extremely friendly and this is something we have found to be unique about past Century sailings.

There is something special about the ship that seems to rub off on all who sail in her.

Our stateroom was a Sky Suite with a butler, namely Rastivaly Potancok or known to his friends as Rusti, he was fantastic nothing was too much and he delivered breakfast every day with a smile and he was assisted by our attendant Anak who like Rusti was great fun to share sometime with long with his towel impressions of a pig; rabbit and a monkey hanging from the roof.

Being a suite you have both a shower and a bath fitted with a whirlpool action and not forgetting the washing line.

Sky Suite 1061                                                                             Table set for breakfast

50% view of the balcony

This stateroom was immediately below the area where the sun loungers are located, but whilst there was noise movement from time to time but it never bothered us. The room was spacious with a big balcony that could easily house a table; two chairs and two sun loungers with still plenty of space to move about in.

Our special friends we met daily in the Hemisphere lounge

Michael with our special Dutch friend and Michael                 also with Christine

Christine and Gerry

and not forgetting the bar prices  2010

We did attend what used to be called the Captain Club, now the Captains’ Celebration where there were ice sculptures and a live fruit carving taking place. There were three stations fruit & chocolate; Sushi and a carvery the entertainment was excellent as well as the Celebrity band; The Neptune’s and the Azure Quartet and all agreed the new format was much improved. Entertainment throughout the ship was excellent in the Rendezvous Square you had D’Version which we did not take to but in the Cova Café the Elan String Quartet were great musicians as was Carl Ross and not to forget The Neptune’s, quite a vocal group.

In the diningroom Eko our waiter and his assistant Ayang who coped admirably with our slightly different food selection and we wish Eko a great break coming up soon [October 2009 and hope to see him again back on Century, or another Celebrity ship.

Best wishes to Ayang and hopefully some promotion soon, well deserved

Whilst on the theme of the main diningroom, we met up with our favourite Maitre'd, although my name is Andrew I am not from Scotland, but from Poland. We first met Andrew on two cruises on the Millennium 2002 in the Caribbean and again in the Med in 2003. He remains as vigilant and as effeicent as ever

some views on and around the Century

Captain Lekkas and the crew

Ice Sculpting                                                                      Mast flags flown while berthed in Gibraltar

Three masted schooner in Lisbon

P& O ship arriving early morning                                              Early morning sunrise in Lisbon


Hemisphere Lounge [smokers port side]

The Kiosk to the right small Duty Free shop [very small]

Casino                                                                                          Martini Bar [colours]

IT Suite with a few more laptops in the access to the IT room plus down by the Captains' club desk

This takes us onto internet charges as Elite members receive 90 FREE minutes, I bought 50 minutes which meant with this option I only paid $49.95 for 270 minutes, [90 mins for myself and my wife ] but the internet speed on Century was much slower than I found on Equinox. The Select members received 25% off on internet costs it is similar to the package I reported on the Solstice review 49mins $29.95; 90mins $49.95; and 150mins $79.95 and 240mis for $99.95 but there were no FREE minutes then, this was something new

A tour around Lisbon which is a lovely city worth seeing. The last time we were here we did the tramcar ride which took you through the old part of the city which is extremely hilly. There is also departing from across the small bridge a London type open top tour bus for a sight seeing trip around Lisbon, don't know the cost though

The Yacht

Yacht interior spacious and comfortable plus upstairs viewing area with seats

Looking down into the centre of Lisbon

Some views Amsterdam

by night                                                                                     by day

view from our balcony

leaving Amsterdam                                                                  heading out to the open sea

Dover on a rather bleak day with a bit of sunshine temp about 17 degrees, but the travel agents visiting the ship said it had been 25 degrees the previous day !!

The famous white cliffs

Harbour entrance 

Dover Castle on the hill overlooking the harbour

We also did a canal trip in Ghent, again great fun lots to see and a bit of shopping as well but also some lovely sunshine,temp a lovely 25 degrees

Finally to top the lot a visit to the fabulous Jerez Horse show where we really thought we would just see the horses going through some training routines but it was in fact a 90 minute show and albeit these horses were still under training it was spectacular to see. We have already seen the fully trained horses at a show in Glasgow and by comparison it was not as precise as those, it was still never the less well worth seeing. The final part of this trip was a visit to Tio Pepe for a walk around and a sherry tasting it was amazing the number of personalities who have a signed of barrel of sherry including Bobby Moore and Sir Winston Churchill.

Jerez Horse event, only a couple of external photographs as none allowed inside during the show

Tio Pepe visit and sherry tasting

Single click to see the horse silhouette

Christine is on the left

Bobby Charlton 1966                                                               The son of The Winston Churchill

more information:

Someone raised a query on wheelchair availability on the Celebrity ships see details here

We also pre-booked a wine package of six wines selected from the website and also a litre of gin and one of Myers rum.

The wine package was great value the spirits were not so good but we were aware now that all the air lines are making you pay an excess and if we had put spirits in the case it would have added to that excess and given with KLM who we flew with it was 60 euros for every 5kgs or less and in our case it was a 10kgs excess over and above the 40kgs we were allowed for two, we had to pay 120 euros each way but having booked this out on-line the price dropped to 105 euros [total 210 euros] so worthwhile doing.

The much more limited wine/spirits package website others have requested can be viewed here

There is now another package:

Beer package $30 per day + 15% Grat

That's 6 pints (20oz) to break even or 7 pints a day to win on the deal.

2 Liquor packages on offer [2009 check their website]

$45 per day + 15% Grat allows drinks up to $8 each

$66 per day + 15% Grat allows drinks up to $11 each, that's a whopping $910 inc Grat on a 12 night cruise.

In the summer of 2009 Celebrity announced a new deal as follows:

Classic members (1-4 tier credits):Access to the loyalty desk and loyalty host; a premium onboard discount booklet;

access to the new Captain’s Club Celebration event; a complimentary custom air request; pre-cruise specialty restaurant reservations; member reunion cruises; one-category upgrades (when available); and an online newsletter.

Select members (5-9 tier credits): All the benefits above, plus priority embarkation, a complimentary wine seminar, priority status to shore excursion waitlist, an invitation to the senior officers’ cocktail party, 25% off any internet package, complimentary pressing of two clothing items, and discounted laundry on cruises of 12 nights or more.

Elite members (10 or more tier credits): All of the benefits above, plus a private shipboard departure lounge with continental breakfast, priority tender service, priority waitlist for dining room seating, tea service, complimentary access to the spa's Persian Garden steam suite (on port days only), access to the new Captain’s Club Lounge at Michael’s Club, 90 free Internet minutes, one free item of dry cleaning, a complimentary bag of laundry (wash, dry, fold), and additional discounted laundry on cruises of 12 nights or more.

The food as always was excellent and well presented as always, I am a great favourite of the menu on the left page which covers items available on any evening if you don’t find a choice you liked from that evenings menu. I love the shrimps; the Atlantic salmon and the New York steak to mention a few so I did from time to time use these options.

Our waiter was Eko and we unlike many just settle for a three course selection which is normally against the way the other guests ordered and a bit more difficult to manage but Eko and his assistant Ayang did extremely well. The sweet tray was missing on Solstice but still used on the Century with usually three items to choose from and the other point I learned was on a 7 day cruise there is no baked Alaska parade, which I never knew before.

We did find there were three areas for the smokers, the Hemisphere lounge port side and the Mast bar and finally the swimming pool area also on the port side so as my wife smoked we did visit the Hemisphere lounge frequently and met some great guests from Holland and also our two favourite barmen Gerry and Michael, worth looking them up if you are on the Century in the coming months. In our visit to Gibraltar we visited Morrison’s supermarket where Benson & Hedges sold for £14 for 200 the cheapest we found on the cruise. The supermarket is within 15 mins walking distance from the ship in fact if you look onto the rock a bit south of east you can see the supermarket. To find it go along the road as if to the city centre and at the first roundabout where there are figures of a father; mother; son and daughter celebrating the evacuation during the 2nd world war, go right here and about 400/500

on the right is Morrison’s.

Elite members receive an extra card to allow exclusive access to Michael’s Club between 8.30 to 10.30a.m. and 4 to 6 p.m.


Laundry Dress $5.50 or Dry clean $6.00; Gents trousers $3.75 and Dry clean $4 which compares favourably with the price I pay at home for trousers via the dry cleaning process. Ladies slacks $3.25 and $4.50 Dry cleaned, there is quite a list but these are a few sample prices.

The ship’s officer’s Master/Captain Anastasios Lekkas; Staff Captain Panaagiotis Klousis; Cruise Director John Grantham; Guest Relations Cameron Roberstson and finally Executive Chef Alex Erdmann.

Our only complaint was on the 2nd Tuesday the ship did not dock until 11 a.m. and they had 8 hour tours booked out so this meant that evening open sitting for dinner was the order of the day which meant the wine waiters were struggling to find their guests they had wine for and the waiters from their pained expressions looked stressed out with the whole affair, but put a brave smile on their faces


Whilst this completes the review other pieces of information/photographs can be added later

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